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Skip the Post-Holiday Doldrums: Retarget Your Way to ROI in the New Year

Every holiday season, sales and marketing managers around the world rejoice as their sales numbers tick up, up, up….then plummet following the holiday shopping season. While some of the drop-offs can likely be from regular customers who may return, in many cases, the drop can be attributed to “one-hit wonders” – people who found your website through your advertising efforts purchased the gift they wanted, and left, never to return. This year, we recommend implementing new strategies to recapture these holiday buyers, turning them from single-transaction purchasers to regular, loyal customers. The best part? These ideas don’t just apply to the holidays but can be implemented year-round in any case where you find that your customers aren’t making repeat visits.

Retargeting practices can turn one-hit wonders into repeat purchasers, building up brand loyalty along the way. Ready to get started? Here are a few thoughts on how you can use retargeting to recapture your audience:

Use Your Email Newsletter

Rather than focusing immediately on the sale, you can use retargeting to get previous shoppers to subscribe to a newsletter – typically a much easier “sell” than trying to get an actual sale. Once you’ve built your lists of one-time customers, you can use email append and data enhancement techniques to gain additional insight into your (potentially loyal!) new customers.  (Just remember – now is the time to clean your list to identify email threats like spam traps, honeypots, moles, bots, and bounces.) Use this information to create targeted, personalized, and special offers through email.

Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

You may be recovering some of your one-hit wonder shoppers, but before they complete the transaction, they leave – abandoning their shopping cart in the process. Today’s retargeting is quite sophisticated and you can reach people who have abandoned their cart. While you can make some simple changes that can help you reduce your cart abandonment rate, you can also implement an audience retargeting campaign to understand your customers’ behavior and help them complete transactions.

Create Cross-Channel Marketing Harmony

Retargeting can occur on more than one platform – and can work in conjunction with a variety of other initiatives. Building a cross-channel strategy that targets customers on multiple channels (mobile, desktop, email, social, organic search, etc.) helps to remind customers of your brand while keeping your brand relevant. Using third-party data can help you build a 360° view of your customers, both online and off, to understand which channels they’re using and when.

Customer Data to the Rescue

Recapturing one-time customers requires not just marketing knowledge, but data. You want to ensure that you’re able to get the right customer at the right moment. An online customer isn’t known by their name, address, or other offline identifiers – and yet, these attributes are critical to targeted advertising.

This is where data comes in. Creating an accurate audience from one-time shoppers can be challenging since they by definition have only shopped once (and therefore, you won’t have access to extensive purchasing history or other data points). With Webbula’s Audience Targeting solution, you can leverage authoritative, deterministic, and self-reported data to retarget your one-hit wonders – and gain new, loyal customers along the way.

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