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Webbula Expands Existing B2B Data Offering within Lotame Platform with Premium B2B

By January 8, 2016Webbula News
Webbula News

WEXFORD, Pa., Jan. 8, 2016 – Webbula, the most comprehensive data quality platform on planet Earth, has launched a new premium B2B data offering within Lotame’s Data Management Platform. The Webbula premium B2B offering expands upon the 3-year partnership, allowing marketers to implement precisely targeted campaigns by levering scale and accuracy within an immense B2B taxonomy.

Webbula’s premium B2B Database yields over 109 unique business records and 90 million anonymous cookies, and offers insight beyond basic B2B taxonomy attributes like company, name, and SIC code. Marketers are able to expand their insight and targeting capabilities by leveraging additional segments, like demographics and interest categories, and individual-based B2B attributes like membership in professional groups, functional area of expertise, and seniority status.

“Premium B2B enables marketers to go beyond basic B2B information about the company, like sector, sales volume, and industry,” explains Doug Egeth, Chief Operating Officer, Webbula. “The expanded taxonomy goes beyond the basic corporate profile and provides specific data points about the individual’s role and functionality within the organization, increasing conversion and accuracy for marketers.”

Premium B2B constantly sources data from a multitude of offline and online sources, providing authoritative and deterministic data quality provided directly by businesses and individuals. Webbula’s quality-centric scoring methodology, WebbuScore, prioritizes quality over quantity, ensuring campaign accuracy and compliance. With accuracy and quality as a technology foundation, marketers, agencies, and publishers are able to develop a comprehensive and actionable audience within their B2B user base, resulting in higher ad revenue.

“Through Webbula’s expanded B2B data offering, Lotame customers are able to identify highly targeted segments at the individual level and launch precise campaigns,” says Jason Downie, GM, Data Solutions, Lotame. “Marketers are able to build a B2B data strategy identifying a Civil Engineer or C-Suite Individual at a specific company, region, or industry with decision-making capabilities”

For further information, please contact or visit the Webbula website at

About Webbula

Webbula is the most comprehensive data quality platform on planet Earth. Since 2009, our technology and world-class partner ecosystem has enabled us to provide sophisticated multi-channel solutions to our clients via CloudHygiene, Data Enhancement, and Online Audience Targeting. Our CloudHygiene platform identifies harmful active emails like moles, trackers, and disposable domains in addition to over 189+ MM traps, via our exclusive relationship with the world’s largest Honey Pot purveyor. The platform’s email verification identifies inactive emails, such as bounces and greylistings, using real-time lookup with no cached data. Webbula’s accurate data aggregation of over 260 MM email addresses translates into 240+ MM cookies and 130+ MM mobile IDs in the ad serving space, including automotive, demographic, and attributive data points for online audience targeting.

About Lotame

Lotame is a data management platform that lets marketers, agencies, and publishers harness audience data to make smarter marketing product and business decisions. Through our platform, clients can learn more about their most valuable customers, find prospects that look and act exactly like them, and then execute ad campaigns and content strategies that target them across any digital device.

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