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Win Over Customers this Valentine’s Day with 360˚Retargeting

Valentines day

Valentine’s Day is about love, romance, and — for marketers — opportunity! Last year V-Day shoppers spent an estimated $19 billion, mostly on flowers, jewelry, and clothing. Many advertisers target and retarget these seasonal customers using search history. The trouble is, a customer is not “in the market” forever. Is there a way to know when Mr. Right finally purchases an engagement ring? How can you understand financial attributes, purchase history, and other individual data sets to create the best targeting strategy? The answer: You need more data. Get an edge over your competition using a 360-degree view of your audience that combines online, mobile, and offline data to effectively target customers.

Capture Mobile Insights

Although mobile devices don’t allow for cookies, it’s still possible to capture a combination of personally identifiable and non-identifiable mobile information from prospects (known in the biz as deterministic and probabilistic matching). IP information, location data, device and browser type, social media login IDs, app usage, and other info can be mapped to form a detailed picture of your prospect and your purchase funnel.

Identify the Best Target Audience

Conventional demographic targeting is also relevant. Define the best audience for your campaign based on the age, status, income, lifestyle, and gender that fit the product you are marketing. Then match this information to online and mobile behaviors to perfect your ad strategy. Keep in mind that these factors vary depending on your brand and product. Examine the past performance of your advertising to each segment to guide your campaign. You’ll also want to consider interest attributes. For example, if your target is interested in travel you could advertise hotel packages for Valentine’s Day in addition to flowers and jewelry.

Search history is only one aspect of retargeting. When you combine online behaviors with mobile data and demographic information, you can target the right person at the right time with a relevant offer that’s in their price point. Make your campaigns adaptable and responsive in real-time across devices and you’ll win customers’ hearts (and their wallets) this Valentine’s

Day and for years to come.

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