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Webbula Celebrates 6 Billion Emails Processed

6 billion emails

Six billion. That’s a whole lot of emails. Certainly far more than we could have imaged when we started in 2009.

In fact, we didn’t start off imaging that at all.We actually began as an Email Service Provider (ESP) delivering emails for clients. In those early days, we identified a recurring problem for many of our clients – dirty data.  They all had dirty data and didn’t have the tools to fix it. They needed someone to help them protect themselves, their reputations, and their resources. So we began our journey to help clients mitigate the risk of sending malicious, undeliverable emails, damaging their resources.  From there, we built CloudHygiene and now our data technology has grown into the online ad serving world by applying our data sources, scoring, and platforms to each solution we provide.

We have to say, we owe it all to our customers. Without them, we would have never solved campaign deliverability, sender reputation, malicious moles, honeypots, and bots to name a few.  Here’s to 6 billion more emails and beyond!

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