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Creating Valuable B2B Ad Targeting Campaigns with Data

Ad Targeting Campaigns

As a business, you provide a valuable product or service to your customers, but are you targeting the right individuals with value? By utilizing a differentiated data asset that goes beyond modeled (probabilistic) data, you can be true to your value proposition by avoiding invaluable messaging to irrelevant targets.

In the B2B realm, targeting a specific employer, job title, or industry can create a somewhat relevant audience for your campaign. Knowing who has the buying or decision making power, net worth, or seniority to purchase your product or service will create an even more relevant audience. The challenge is not only obtaining this data from a source that doesn’t use models to guess, but also targeting this individual across channels. The problem is many marketers understand the definition of the first party and third party data, but they don’t understand what kind of third party data can create the most relevant audience. Without realistic and accurate data about the individual, you aren’t able to deliver targeted campaigns across channels.

Deterministic data enables you to deliver targeting campaigns across channels and devices, forgoing all guessed models, and using data the individual volunteers about himself. B2B deterministic data becomes even more valuable when individuals are not only segmented according to their B2B data points, but also cross-referenced with demographic, interest, and financial segments. You don’t have to waste your time targeting all Fortune 500 companies because you “think” they need your marketing automation product. Instead of making assumptions that your campaign is relevant to all Fortune 500 businesses, you can understand which individuals at which companies have the buying power to purchase your product and have historically expressed interest in a marketing automation product.

In contrast, some B2B organizations practice account-based marketing, by identifying targeted accounts and applying a one-to-one marketing strategy to the account. While your targeting may be narrower than a shotgun approach, there is an individual who holds the buying and decision maker power for that account. Identifying your targets at the individual level rather than the company, department, or account level, enables you to have a precise rifle-approach to hitting your target, instead of a shotgun approach. Not only does this approach enable you to quickly identify your best account prospects, but it also increases your ad campaign relevancy, conversion, and ROI.

Webbula understands creating value in your B2B targeting and retargeting campaigns can be difficult.  There is an exponential amount of third-party data out there. Increase your campaign relevancy and conversion by prioritizing accurate deterministic data at scale.

Learn more about Webbula’s B2B third-party data  for online ad serving and where it comes from, contact us, or call 888.993.2285.

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