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The Cost of Poor Email Deliverability to Your Bottom Line

The Cost of Poor Email Deliverability to Your Bottom Line webbula

Despite rumors of its death, email is alive and well. With an average ROI of $44 per dollar spent, email as a marketing channel is certainly worth your attention. It’s low-cost, measurable, and easy to segment, personalize, and customize.

The effectiveness of email diminishes significantly, however, when deliverability issues arise. Threats lurking in your list can hurt your sender reputation. Your customers and prospects might not receive your offers. Worse still, you could end up on the blacklist, resulting in few if any of your emails reaching their targets (even transactional emails like e-receipts). While all these potential problems might seem nebulous, there are real costs associated with poor deliverability—in the form of actual spend, lost opportunity, and remediation.


Download the white paper to address the costs of poor email deliverability, including:

  • Wasted time, resources, and money on brand and campaign development
  • Lost opportunities in the form of leads and sales from customers and prospects never reached
  • Declining sales from unhappy customers due to poor customer service
  • Blacklist fines and remediation
  • Downtime while you fix problems or change providers

If you would like to learn more about improving your email deliverability with Webbula’s email list hygiene and verification, contact us or call 888.993.2285.

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