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How Data Helps Political Campaigns Succeed

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Politicians and lobbyists spend big dollars on campaigns and agendas. By some estimates, as much as $5 billion will be spent on the current presidential election. Of that enormous sum, an estimated $1 billion will be spent on digital advertising.Despite an increasing number of social media users and platforms, email still reigns supreme when it comes to political fundraising online. Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign reported that as much as 70 percent of donations came via email. For the Obama campaign, that figure was as high as 90 percent. While email is the main source of online fundraising dollars, integrating all digital marketing channels with smart data can rally the most support for candidates.

Connecting the dots between email addresses, online behaviors, and social media data offers political marketers an unprecedented way to precisely target voters. The most useful data is 1st and 3rd party data that is 100 percent deterministic and authoritative. In other words not modeled or guessed like probabilistic datasets. Political data cross-referenced with demographic attributes can build a stronger list to help you lead the campaign trail. Details on a voter’s political party, religion, education, household demographics, income range, donation history and more can increase the relevancy of your messaging and the success of your campaign. A complete set of data not only empowers candidates to win elections; it helps them make informed political decisions for ballots, bills, propositions, and special interest groups down the road.

A few ways you might use data to enhance your online campaigning success: 

  • Display ads and mobile ads: increase messaging relevancy to micro-targeted audiences
  • Retargeting: target historical donors, those most interested in your policies and agendas
  • Actionable TV: attribute demographics and donations to TV ads and use set-top box information to deliver targeted messaging
  • SEO decisions: improve search rankings by displaying  content that matters to your target audience
  • Email messaging: precisely segment your lists to increase message relevancy and campaign results

Simply put, better data yields better results for political campaign fundraising, awareness, and overall support. Keep in mind, however, that not all data is clean and safe. Choose a data provider that offers comprehensive hygiene services and prioritizes quality to mitigate fraud and improve your results.

Webbula has access to 53 million registered party-affiliated voters and 86 million historical political donors. To learn more about improving your campaign with data enhancement and ad targeting, contact us or call 888.993.2285.

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