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Why Email Social Media Authentication is Your Key to Mobile Marketing Gold

Social Media

Your email database contains thousands or even millions of addresses. How can you pinpoint the ones that might respond to mobile marketing campaigns? And how can you be sure the addresses are valid?

What is Social Media Authentication?

Social Media Authentication, or SMA, can validate emails associated with social media accounts related to social sharing, image sharing, blog, and e-payment ecosystems. Socially related emails are more likely connected to a mobile device, making them excellent candidates for relevant mobile marketing.

Can Social Media Authentication improve my campaign metrics?

There’s another advantage to SMA. Traditional verification services flag an email address as either valid, invalid, or unknown. These unknowns are a gray area for marketers. They could be viable email addresses. They could be addresses marked as valid because the domain has rules, called catch-alls, to accept or email messages… They could also be spam traps or graylistings. Because certain domains, role accounts, and graylistings will not allow you to run email verification, SMA can provide further understanding on the quality of your unknown email addresses. A better understanding if your list can lead to more targeted campaigns and a boost in ROI.

How much does Social Media Authentication cost?

The best authentication providers only charge you for email addresses they can actually match to a social media user. That means you have a very little risk—and huge potential for gains—by using SMA.

If you want to send relevant, responsive mobile marketing campaigns to high-quality email addresses, SMA is a great option for finding likely prospects. As an added bonus, SMA can provide further clarification about who’s on your list.

Contact Webbula today to uncover potential mobile marketing gold in your email list using Social Media Authentication.

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