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How To Spring Clean Your Email List with 6 Easy Tips

How To Spring Clean Your Email List with 6 Easy Tips webbula blog image

It’s time clean out the closets! Spring cleaning leaves us feeling refreshed, renewed, and optimistic — like anything is possible. Clearing out the “junk” from your email list can have the same effect for your business and your bottom line. Here are 6 tips for cleaning and organizing your email list this spring, so you can drive revenues all year long.

  1. Clean your list

Regularly cleaning your list will identify and eliminate spam traps, honeypots, malicious moles, and other threats. Identifying low quality emails and threats can help you stay off the blacklist and avoid the resulting downtime, headaches, and remediation costs.  A professional hygiene provider can help you identify hidden threats in your list, and clean your list much more efficiently.

  1. Remove bounces

While you can remove bounces from your own database after hitting the send button, a verification provider offers a more comprehensive, proactive look at your list. Use a professional verification service to identify inactive and non-deliverable emails to increase deliverability and campaign ROI.

  1. Out with the old

Even opted-in email addresses can turn hazardous over time. Additionally, ISPs consider user engagement as part of your sender reputation. If a user hasn’t opened or clicked on your emails in a while, consider a re-engagement campaign to bring them back. If that doesn’t work, take them off your list. Routinely removing “dead weight” can boost deliverability to the rest of your contacts.

  1. Get organized

Once your list is clean, it’s time to organize it. Segment by demographic, geography, industry, income, purchase history, or any other metrics depending on your products and messaging. A recent MailChimp survey of over 9 million emails revealed segmented campaigns average 14.25% higher open rates and 59% higher click rates than non-segmented campaigns.

  1. In with the new

Keep your list fresh by adding new contacts. Attract subscribers with new marketing initiatives, promotions, and special discounts. Capture email addresses on your website in exchange for whitepapers and other engaging content.

  1. Get more information

Learn more about your list so you can target more precisely—down to the individual. Data enhancement can fill in the holes in your list, such as missing email addresses, demographics, financial information, political affiliation, special interests, automotive data, and more.

The Email Marketing Industry Census 2016 reveals that email delivers the highest ROI for your marketing spend and accounts for 23% of a company’s sales on average. A little spring cleaning—in the form of list hygiene, verification, segmentation, and data enhancement—can optimize your campaigns to drive these revenues.

Webbula can help you spring clean your list with comprehensive hygiene, verification, and data enhancement. Contact us today to get started.

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