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How to Find the Best Email Addresses to Drive ROI

Drive ROI

We often talk about how to identify and eliminate bad email addresses from your database. While removing threats and following email best practices will save you in the long run (in time, money, and headaches), they won’t drive campaign ROI alone. For that, you need good email addresses. You need to identify the best possible emails to receive your promotions—the ones who will be the most receptive to your messaging and find your offers relevant. A list of clean, verified email addresses is a great start, but it’s not enough. A truly good, high-quality email list has the data you need to target individuals with precise, relevant messages.

How to find the good ones

Through a process called social media authentication, providers can identify email addresses in your database with active social media accounts. Why do you want that? Because email addresses associated with social media activity are likely connected to a mobile device. Estimates vary but, depending on your industry and your target audience, as much as 70% of your emails are opened on a mobile device. This number will increase in the coming years as users get more and more comfortable with their smartphones and tablets. Bottom line: If you want to reach your target audience, you must reach them via mobile.

Increase relevancy, increase ROI

Reaching your target is the best part of social media authentication value. However, when you take it a step further and add additional data to your customer list, you gain tremendous insights into the individual—about their lifestyle, political leanings, online habits, household composition, demographics, and more. This data allows you to craft precise, relevant email and ad campaigns that drive opens, clicks, and revenues. Read more about the power of relevancy here.

First, you need a clean list

Perhaps it goes without saying that before you can achieve this level of precision with your email marketing, you absolutely must have a clean, verified list. Few providers offer hygiene to ensure your list is free of threats and there are lots of commodity verification services to check that your emails are actually active users. Few, however, can identify the best email addresses for highly relevant, responsive email campaigns that drive ROI, while also offering hygiene and verification. An all-in-one email deliverability provider, like Webbula, could be the ticket to your email marketing success.

Did you know Webbula only charges you for email addresses we can actually match to a social media user? That means you have a very little risk—and huge potential for gains. Contact us today to learn more.


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