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How to Drive Revenues with a “Data Smart” Customer Journey

Data Smart

The steps your customers go through when they engage with your company are collectively known as your customer journey. The journey might include browsing online, experiencing your retail location, contacting customer service, making a purchase, referring a friend, and more. Precisely identifying and mapping out your customer journey provides insights that guide your sales forecasting, marketing, production, staffing, and more. Most importantly, an accurate customer journey lets you see your company through the customer’s’ eyes so you can grow revenues through enhanced customer experience.

But what if your customer journey map is based on presumptions, theories, and modeling? You might be making important decisions based on inaccurate or incomplete information. A better solution is to rely on real customer behaviors and insights.

Data Enhancement

You can’t effectively target customers if you don’t know enough about their behaviors, interests, demographics, industries, and income. Accurate contact information is a good start, but you’ll need to go further to understand the customer journey. Here’s an example:

ACME Cable Company offers a wide range of options for phone, internet, and television service. If they market based on contact information alone, they can perhaps target by geography and purchase history. If, however, they use data enhancement, they can learn more information about the individual. ACME can discover which prospects need a high-speed internet for business, which ones are avid sports fans, which have teenagers in the home, which ones are gamers or movie lovers, which ones can afford premium services and much, much more. They can also adjust messaging, timing, and frequency based on real customer behaviors across devices.

Why do you need real customer data?

More data helps you up-sell and cross-sell. It helps you provide superior customer service. It saves you from wasting your time and money on unengaged prospects or people who aren’t actually prospecting at all. A data-smart customer journey helps you know how and when to communicate with customers and which offers will incite action. Without hard unmodeled data, your customer journey is just a guess.

Also, keep in mind that no two customers have the exact same journey. You will need to insert personalized touchpoints throughout the journey, including messaging and content that meets their needs based on their behaviors and interests. You simply can’t achieve effective personalization without accurate data.

Adding data isn’t enough

Also, consider the quality of your in-house data as you map your customer journey. Your list might contain phishers, bots, and fraudsters that skew results. What’s more, your customers have multiple devices. It’s important to identify users across devices so you don’t mistake them for multiple individuals. Routine email hygiene and verification can eliminate threats, remove duplicates, and ensure your data is current and accurate for precise customer journey mapping.

Your customer journey informs everything about your business. Why would you guess when you can base it on real customer data and actual insights? Get started on your data-smart customer journey by downloading Webbula’s Data Taxonomy to see how you can enhance your customer information.

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