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Webbula Achieves Top Ranking in Red Pill Email’s List Hygiene & Validation Guide

By August 25, 2016Webbula News
redpill email list hygiene and verification guide webbula

The new Red Pill Email List Hygiene & Validation Guide helps marketers select the best vendor for their email list hygiene and verification services. Because data quality is a critical part of your email marketing program’s success, this guide has been created to aid in your data-quality decision making. In the guide, eight companies are represented as the best in data-quality and are ranked according to their business pricing models, platform configuration, hygiene and verification technology, and training and support.

Webbula scored highest in all of the categories ranked in the guide. Download the guide to learn more on Webbula’s:

  • Company Overview
  • Data Accuracy Measurement Procedures
  • Quality Methodology and Technology
  • Data & Drive Retention/Destruction Policies
  • Competitive Differentiators

Download the guide to find your best-in-class, comprehensive deliverability platform:

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