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4 Steps to Enhancing Cross-Channel Marketing with Data Appends

4 steps to enhancing cross channel marketing with data appends webbula blog image

The ability to reach your customers on their phones and desktops, in email, and wherever they’re browsing online has a major impact on your bottom line. According to the data analysts at SAS, cross-channel customers spend three to four times more than single-channel customers. If your cross-channel campaigns aren’t performing to expectations, or you’re missing key data points to reach the right audience, you may need to append your in-house list. Data enhancement can provide the insights you need for cross-channel marketing that drives revenues. Getting started is easier than you might think.

The process starts with these 4 easy steps:

1. Take a look at the data you have now. How is it performing? Is it clean? What are the results that you are getting? Is it providing insights? Is your list large enough to generate the results you need?

2. Clean your existing data. Your in-house list is fluid. People move, their interests change, they abandon email accounts, they get new jobs, their email addresses become spam traps.That means if you don’t clean and verify your data on a regular basis, your campaigns won’t reach your intended audience and performance will suffer dramatically.

3. Identify what you are missing that would provide further insight and opportunity. Data enhancement can add lots of valuable information—like household composition, political affiliation, automobile info, occupation, interest group, and more. These insights can help you target your audience 1:1 with relevant messages and offers across devices. Data enhancement will also help you target individuals on their mobile devices.

4. Test your data. Once you receive the audience data and segments you want, you should test the match rate of the vendor you are working with. (Match rate is the percentage of users on your list that a provider can find additional data for.) If the match rate is high or higher than other vendors, then it’s time to put that data to the real test by sending out a campaign. Track campaign performance to gauge data quality and accuracy.

If you aren’t reaching users across devices, you’re potentially missing out on four times more revenues that you’re currently getting. But cross-channel marketing success depends on high-quality data. Clean, verify and append your list to drive campaign ROI by increasing your reach and your accuracy.

Ready to launch a cross-channel campaign? Call Webbula first! We can help you clean, verify, and append your list to maximize ROI.


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