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Data Breaches Prove the Need for Hygiene Over Verification

Data Breaches

Yahoo confirmed a massive data breach impacting 500 million users, which is a staggering 300 million more than initially thought by industry experts. This breach is already being labeled as the largest of its kind and the repercussions for the consumer will be felt for years to come.  

The effects of marketing campaigns will be equally as profound for the email marketer that depends solely on email Verification for protection. We all know that sending to an active, deliverable threat can ruin your brand in a split second, which is why and Verification alone cannot offer protection against hazardous active emails like the ones associated with this massive breach.

Yahoo’s data breach demonstrates the need for a bundled Hygiene and Verification solution, such as Webbula’s CloudHygiene.  Amongst other risk categories, CloudHygiene has been protecting the email marketer against breaches and fraud using Active and Passive detection technology for items like Phishers, Bots, and Highly Exposed Emails since 2009.

Thousands of brands trust Webbula’s email intelligence every day to protect their emailing resources and sender reputation. Why? Our industry-leading Hygiene and Verification solution is the most comprehensive and accurate solution of its kind, making it second to none.

Contact us to learn more about how Webbula can protect your brand from the costly damage of the Yahoo breach and other risks lurking in your email lists.


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