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4 Best Practices for Data Hygiene

Data Hygiene

Dirty data might cost you more than you realize. Typos, outdated or incomplete information, spam traps, and other threats mean your messages don’t reach their intended recipients. This will cost you in immediate campaign ROI as well as lifetime customer value. In the worst case scenario, dirty data will land you on a blacklist, resulting in pricey remediation and the inability to communicate with customers, prospects, and possibly your internal team. Routinely cleaning your database can avoid many of these headaches altogether.

Here are the four best practices for cleaning your current database and maintaining data acquisition best practices.

  1. Clean your database. Choose a provider, like Webbula, who can remove threats from your list and validate your data. This will ensure that your email addresses are deliverable and that information such as phone numbers, street addresses, behaviors, and segments are accurate.
  2. Overlay Transactional data. Once you have the results of the database cleansing processing, you should utilize your own transactional data to help put the cleanse results into context. Combining the signals from a professional cleaning provider like Webbula with your historical transactional data is the most powerful way to remove harmful elements from your dataset.
  3. Enhance your list. Now that you have a squeaky clean list, you can make it even better by adding information about your prospects and customers. Data enhancement can fill in any gaps or provide additional insights, such as behaviors, interest groups, demographics, and more.
  4. Continually audit. Regularly cleanse any new data that comes into your database to avoid typos, threats, and other inaccuracies. And don’t forget to routinely clean existing data to avoid issues like disposable domains, spam traps, or changes of address.

Dirty data hurts your reputation and your bottom line. Clean data, however, allows for highly personalized messaging to reach your targets with relevant offers that drive revenues. Contact Webbula today to learn more about the benefits of clean, verified data.

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