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Webbula Celebrating 7 Years of Data Quality!

webbula celebrating seven years of data quality blog image

We turned 7 today! What a journey it has been. Starting from an ESP in our early years, and blossoming into the handsome data technology company we are today. We’ve focused on using the most advanced technology to provide marketers with the most comprehensive email intelligence and insights platform in the industry.  Using this technology we have become the go-to quality source for high-quality data enhancement and we didn’t stop there. We evolved into an online aggregator and became the premier source for deterministic, non-modeled data linked at the individual level. We’ve come a long way since 2009, and we’re excited to see how data quality plays a role in the future of marketing everywhere.

To celebrate our birthday, we’re sharing our gifts with you! We’re offering a free Hygiene and Verification test to all first-time customers. We want to show you how our industry-leading technology provides you with the most comprehensive data quality solution. Click here to experience it for yourself.

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