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What’s Creeping in Your Email List?

Email Lists

When it comes to your email list, there’s a potentially haunted houseful of threats creeping around and wreaking havoc on your campaign ROI. Identify these threats and eliminate them using emailHygiene for more treats and fewer tricks this Halloween and throughout the year.

4 potential monsters to exorcise

Zombies: A zombie is a formerly valid email address that has been abandoned for one reason or another—such as a job change or too many marketing messages. Your emails do zombie addresses could be deliverable, yet no one will open or click on them. Don’t be fooled. These zombies won’t ever come back to life. They need to be identified and eliminated.

Bots: A bot, short for robot, is a program designed to locate signup forms on the web and submit fake email addresses and other information. Without a routine combined hygiene and verification process, you might be unknowingly crowding your email list with garbage and invalid addresses. Don’t fill your candy bag full of rotten apples and eliminate harmful robot emails, and only send to the recipients.

Moles: A malicious mole is an email that reports campaign statistics to real-time blacklists. It works in much the same way as a mole used by the police to catch criminals. Organizations enlist and empower average people to rat out spammers. Remove them from your list to avoid deliverability nightmares.

Traps: A spam trap is a specified email address used by monitoring organizations to catch and block spammers. Quite often, spam traps were once valid emails addresses that have been abandoned and reactivated for trapping purposes. The tricky part is that they’re still deliverable, so monitoring your open rates and depending solely on Verification techniques doesn’t identify these goblins.

Why these ghouls need to be stopped

In many cases, sending to any one of the above threats will hurt your campaign ROI because there’s no live human on the other end to open and click on your email. Worse yet is that many of these emails can transform into spam traps, which can be programmed to open and click your email and hurt your deliverability and sender reputation even more. Landing on the blacklist is a costly horror story you definitely don’t want to be a part of.

How to identify the devil in disguise

These email threats are very difficult to identify on your own. It’s like they’re wearing costumes and posing as a legitimate customer or prospect data. To make matters more difficult is Verification alone can not identify many of these mischievous actors. Professional bundled hygiene and verification providers, like Webbula, can compare your list to a database of known threats to find these monsters and put a stake through their hearts.
When trick-or-treating, you want to find the good houses that give out the best candy. Email marketing should take a similar approach. Target only the best email addresses and eliminate the spooky ones to keep your campaigns running smoothly. Contact Webbula today to get started.

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