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Dos and Don’ts of your Black Friday Campaign

Black Friday Campaign

Black Friday is right around the corner. The biggest sales day of the year for many businesses and the kickoff to the highly lucrative holiday shopping season. Shoppers spend more than $10 billion over the course of Thanksgiving weekend, $3 billion on Cyber Monday alone. That averages out to $380 per shopper. Want to grab your share of this $10 billion pumpkin pie?

Email is an excellent place to start.

A lot of retailers will send email campaigns advertising Black Friday deals, and some retailers will send some kind of special email to ring in the season. Timing is crucial, as open rates are highest on the Monday and Tuesday before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But before you rush off to launch your campaign, take a minute to get your list in order.

Here are a few dos and don’ts to help you maximize ROI during the annual buying frenzy.


Remove inactive subscribers. If a subscriber hasn’t opened or clicked on your emails in six months or more, chances are they won’t start now. Eliminate them from your list to improve your sender reputation and campaign ROI.

Eliminate fake or harmful email addresses, also known as spam traps, honeypots, moles, bots, or disposable domains. There aren’t any actual humans associated with these addresses, so you won’t make any sales here. Removing these will improve deliverability to the rest of your list and help you stay off the blacklist.

Target specific individuals. Good marketing is about relevance. You will see the best campaign ROI when you segment your list based on actual interests and behaviors. From there you can target individuals with relevant messaging and highly specific offers.

Remove bounces. If an email address was flagged as a hard bounce, that means there is a permanent problem with that address and it should no longer be mailed. Remove all hard bounces from your list before they become spam traps or other threats.


Don’t purchase a list. You have no way of knowing if the email addresses on a purchased list were scraped from the web, are seriously outdated, contain threats, or are even in your target market. A better strategy is to enhance your existing list with additional data on cross-channel behaviors, interests, household composition, and more.

Don’t attempt to engage inactive subscribers without proper overlay analysis. Your inactive subscribers may have become spam traps or other threats. Overlay analysis can pinpoint likely prospects for re-engagement based on individual interactions with your brand.

Don’t send to unwanted subscribers. Quantity does not equal quality when it comes to email marketing. Social media authentication can help you identify only your best emails to maximize your campaign ROI.

It’s not too late to enhance your marketing efforts before the big shopping weekend. Contact Webbula ASAP for CloudHygiene, data enhancement, and audience targeting.


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