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Is Your Data Naughty or Nice?

Email Data

The holiday season is here and just as The Elf on the Shelf® is watching to see if your children are behaving, Webbula can help make sure your emails are also behaving in your campaign. Every night, The Elf on the Shelf positions him or herself in different points of your home, watching your children, and reporting back to Santa if your children should be on the naughty list or nice list. Webbula can do the same thing with data. Our emailHygiene platform determines whether your email addresses are on Santa’s good list, to help ensure your ROI won’t be lumps of coal in your stocking. However, we take a different approach than Elf on the Shelf when making our determinations.

Webbula protects you against five different types of threats that could potentially hurt your email campaigns such as reputation, fraud, delivery, conversion and verification threats. This five-layer system will help you find the most deliverable and safe emails for your next successful email campaign. Our CloudHygiene platform also uses Social Media Authentication to identify emails associated with social media platforms. This allows you to target and create campaigns directed at active social media users who are excellent candidates for mobile marketing.

We do this with our all-in-one Hygiene and Verification Platform. These platforms not only make sure an email is deliverable, but they also make sure it is actually being sent to a human and not a bot. One of the ways we do this is by exclusively partnering with the world’s largest honeypot purveyor to protect you against those fraudulent emails that could send you to the naughty blacklist.

Webbula takes these steps and more to ensure that your company is educated and knowledgeable about the quality of email that is on your campaign list. Webbula even offers a free test before you commit to our services. You can request a Free Trial to see if our services can help your company succeed.

So, before you hit send and risk getting on Santa’s naughty blacklist, check out Webbula. Let us be your Elf on the Shelf of data and keep your emails clean and safe.

From our Webbula family to yours: We hope you have a happy holiday!

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