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2017 Email Marketing Resolutions!

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Happy New Year! 2017 is here and it is time to list all of our New Year’s Resolutions. The next few weeks our lives will revolve around advertisements for weight loss, gym memberships and online dating as people look for a “fresh start”. However, we have a New Year’s Resolution for your business that does not involve you lifting weights or falling over on a treadmill. This resolution can be done from your nice comfy computer chair while snacking on leftover cookies. Your 2017 email marketing resolution should be audience personalization!

Audience personalization is going to be crucial in your 2017 marketing strategy. Unique and segmented email campaigns are what will drive opens and ROI in 2017. The trends in the industry are moving towards the use of personalized emails directed to the customer’s needs and wants. How do you get this personalized information? Luckily for you, Webbula can help you with this task.

Webbula offers data enhancement which fills in the data gaps of your customer list in order to help you achieve this goal. Data Enhancement will give you the demographic, automotive, financial, lifestyle and or interest data needed to create these targeted email campaigns. Customers want to see a message that is directed at them and not to the masses. Our Data Enhancement will fill in the various gaps of each prospect or customer. You then can use this information to create unique messaging to drive your KPI higher.

Data appending isn’t new, but Webbula’s data quality and the process is an industry game changer. Our data is self-reported, deterministic (not-modeled) and linked at the individual level. This means that the data is coming from the individual themselves and not created from a computerized estimation or guess. Most importantly Webbula maintains that individual linkage to ensure accuracy. This individual data comes from a variety of sources: including publisher partners, surveys, transactional events, and social media amongst others. The data then goes through a verification process. First, the data is given a WebbuScore to rate the information for accuracy. This Webbuscore includes our CloudHygiene process to remove fraudulent information from the dataset. This assures our customers that our data will be accurate and helpful for their segmented audiences.

With Webbula’s help, you can achieve your 2017 marketing resolutions and goals. Do you have more questions on data enhancement or any of our other data solutions? Fill out our contact form for a free match test and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly. We wish everyone a happy, prosperous and successful New Year.

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