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Honeypots: Email Addresses That Sting


It is still winter, but we hear buzzing. No, we are not hearing bees. Our minds are buzzing because we are talking about honeypots. Honeypots are a popular topic at Webbula because they are such an important aspect of what we do. We are obviously not talking about bees, honey or the sounds of spring time. We are talking about those special email addresses that sting when you send them.

Honeypot addresses are emails that are created and posted online invisible to the human eye for the singular purpose of catching scrapers, harvesters and bots. This special type of Spam Trap is detrimental to any marketing campaign because they quickly hurt sending resources and reputation ultimately impacting the campaign’s delivery and inbox rate. These consequences are serious, and mitigating your risk when sourcing email needs to be a component of your marketing strategy. Detecting these Honeypots is no small task, which is why Webbula takes great pride in being able to reduce your exposure from these toxic traps.

Webbula does not just take a guess on which emails are spam and which are not. Instead, Webbula works with the world’s largest Honeypot purveyor. This means that your email list is run through their intensive database to detect these harmful spam traps. The thorough process allows Webbula to provide you with the highest amount of protection from potential Honeypots in your customer list.

Many inferior solutions try to detect Honeypot emails based on DNS (Domain Name System) records. However, DNS settings are not reliable. This unreliability stems from the fact that shared DNS settings are used with various aspects including MX (Mail Exchanger records), which makes it impossible to tell if the domain is dangerous. Webbula avoids this system and uses our own to make sure your list is safe from Honeypots.

Webbula will use our relationship with the world’s largest Honeypot purveyor to flag Honeypots that other systems will not recognize. This relationship and our CloudHygiene program will scrub your list to make it safe and accurate for your email marketing needs. You can learn more about Honeypots and our CloudHygiene technology by visiting our website today!


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