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Employee Spotlight: Vince Cersosimo

vince cersosimo webbula employee spotlight image

Welcome to the first employee blog at Webbula. Once a month we will be giving you an insider’s glimpse into the wonderful world of Webbula and the employees that make up our great company. For our first blog, we chose our awesome Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Vince Cersosimo. He is located in our Pittsburgh office, and he is always ready to crack a joke or go to eat at Chipotle. Keep reading and get to know the CEO of the Webbula world.

What brought you to Webbula?

Webbula was a dream of greener pastures. I had been knocking on doors 1 by 1 and selling home security systems to new homeowners. When I learned about the email industry and the idea of “pressing send” on a marketing campaign and magically a list of buyers would open, click and purchase something I was selling… it was an irresistible proposition. Little did I know how difficult the email industry would turn out to be. Those green pastures turned out to be full of cow pies, that we now call bounces and spam traps. Ultimately it was a great move. It got me out of the security industry and into the digital realm. It has been absolutely awesome!

**Vince has been at Webbula since its inception in October 2009.**

What does your position entail at Webbula?  

My job as CEO is to help position Webbula for success. This could mean a lot of things… including but not limited to:

  • Taking out the garbage
  • Stocking the fridge with water
  • Encouraging a positive and fun culture
  • But the #1 responsibility is to continue building a highly intelligent and fully capable team of hardworking individuals. Make sure they have the tools they need to be successful, and most importantly… stay out of their way.  
  • Everything else is pretty boring and involves bills, insurance, banks, taxes and attorneys.


What part of your job are you most passionate about?

Seeing Webbula continue to grow in the right direction. We have had great success and we keep growing year after year.  Not only in the number of team members but in accounts, technology, data and brand recognition. 

Where are you located?

Usually at my desk in Wexford, PA

Where did you go to college?

West Virginia University, but not the new and improved WVU. The old school one, where our Dean got in trouble for paying off Playboy. He tried to keep WVU from being listed as the #1 party school again. A title we have earned more than we have lost.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

If I could have any superpower it would be a photographic memory. Sure, it would be great to fly or lift a car or whatever… for a day. Having the ability to remember everything you see and read. Then retain it and access that information anytime would be limitless. The question at that point would be… would I be a Superhero or Supervillain with my new powers?

If you could be cast in any TV show, what would it be and which character?IMG_7142

Surviving with Bear Grylls. I would be Bear Grylls, bringing all those Hollywood actors into the wild and doing all those adventurous things.

If you had to eat one food every day for the rest of your life what would it be?

Pizza- without question. Pepperoni, black olives and green pepper pizza!

That is all for our first employee blog of the month. Now that we know our CEO could either be a supervillain or a superhero, maybe we need to stay on our toes more. As a writer of this article, I would also like to see him be Bear Grylls. Does anyone know where we can borrow a celebrity for our company retreat? Make sure you keep reading and see who will be featured on our blog next month… pending our CEO does not use his superpowers against us.


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