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Getting The Most Out Of Your Email List

Email Lists

Society today is about always getting more. We want to find a deal so we get more than what we paid for. We want to have a better experience than the person before us. This concept of “more bang for your buck” does not just apply to the everyday chores of society. This concept also applies to email marketing. A company wants to get the most out of each email they send. This could be anything from a better return on investment to more website views. Webbula can help you get that added bonus every time you hit send.


We have said it before, and we will say it again. Personalization is the way to go to keep and nurture your email subscribers. People are less likely to even open an email if it is not something that pertains directly to them.  Sending a mass email out to the black hole will give you nothing back in return. Creating an email for a specific demographic or interest will help you grab people’s attention.

Webbula’s Data Enhancement service will help you on steps to personalization. You may know your customer’s name and email, but do you know that they like designer clothes or the fact they have three kids. Adding segments to your email list will let you create personalized email campaigns for specific demographics or personal interests. To take it one step further, our data is also deterministic not probabilistic. What does this mean? It means that our data is not “modeled or guessed”. Our data is deterministic, which is self-reported information about the individual by the individual.

This individual-level data will help you target that email campaign down to your specific customers that are in need of the product you are selling. You won’t have to guess that they like this product because people around them like it. You will know that they reported a need or like for what you are selling.

Make Sure Your List Is Accurate

There would be nothing worse than gaining a few hundred subscribers and realizing that half of them put in fake or inaccurate email addresses. Also, if you are using an old list you could be using emails that are zombies, moles and more. Sending to these emails would be a huge waste of time and resources for your company. Webbula offers CloudHygiene to help you once again get more for your money. You will know before you click “send” that the campaigns you are running are safe and are going to accurate emails with people that are in need of your product or service. We will protect your reputation and increase ROI by flagging to remove these “toxic” emails that could hurt your bottom line. Our CloudHygiene technology will help you create a clean customer email database to sell and communicate with.

These two important tools will help your email list go from average to extraordinary. Your company will be one step closer to getting the most value out of your email campaign. Webbula is so excited to discuss this topic further at the eTail West Conference on February 27 through March 02, 2017.

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