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We hear the word fraud every day. Fraud could be used in various contexts, but it always relates back to the standard definition. Fraud is a deception that results in a personal gain for someone else. This is something we want to try to avoid at all costs. However, it is still happening, especially in data. Data fraud can skew or hurt your Key Performance Indicators in any ad or email campaign you run. You do not want to spend hours putting together what you believe to be the perfect campaign only to have it tank because the campaign is not targeting the right people. Conversely, you don’t want to believe your campaign succeeded only to later find out that the audiences you reached were not real people. This is why data quality is so important in today’s marketing industry.

While there are many approaches and methods necessary to reduce fraud, Data Quality solutions are one of the first steps in preventing fraud. A company’s brand never wants to be associated with spam, so having high quality and accurate data with the proper verification audits conducted is a key to avoiding this mistake. Email fraud can mean various things. It could be the spam emails you receive about sending money to a prince in a far off land, or it could be zombie or bot emails that eventually get your domain sent to a spam folder. The spam folder is what email marketers want to avoid. emailHygiene technology from Webbula allows you to process your email list through our technology to flag bots, zombies, honeypots and every other fraudulent email type you can imagine. This will be your first step into preventing fraud in your company’s online presence.

However, fraud is not just an email issue. Bad data can affect mobile apps, ads, and social media. Bad data from ad fraud could give a company a false idea of a customer’s online patterns. This leads to bad conclusions and poor decisions by the marketers about their targeted results. In order to avoid this false data, marketers need to use data that has transparency. Webbula’s data is at the individual level, which will give marketers a better idea of their customer’s interests. It is also self-reported. This is key to prevent data fraud. You are not buying data that is guessed or assumed upon, but this data was reported by the customer themselves. Webbula also uses our CloudHygiene technology on our data to further mitigate fraud and give our customers the best chance at succeeding in their campaigns.

Data Fraud is not something that is going away. However, with the right technology, marketers can avoid most fraudulent information and use high-quality data. This gives the campaign the best shot at succeeding in this competitive online world. The LotameSpark panel at their March convention will dive further into this topic. Webbula hopes to share our technology and input on this ever-changing data quality and fraud field.


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