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Webbula’s emailHygiene Free Trial

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Webbula wants to help your company succeed. We pride ourselves in the ability to help our customers deliver fantastic email campaigns. Webbula believes that data quality is an important aspect that people should focus on when creating these campaigns. This is why we offer a free trial of our emailHygiene technology to evaluate your email list health. Our emailHygiene technology will give you an accurate glimpse on improving your email health for better ROI, click-through rates and more. The process is simple, and it will be the first steps into helping your email campaign succeed.

How Does the Free Trial Work?

The free trial is a simple process that will let you see the health of your email list.

First, you sign up for a trial on our website, which will let you speak to a data quality expert about your email quality concerns or known issues. Our experts will go over a few questions to narrow down and identify the proper data profile to use to process your email list. These questions include whether you are sending on B2B or B2C lists if your company has been blacklisted and other problems that can stem from an unhealthy email list.

Then, once our data expert has identified the proper emailHygiene tools and profile, you will then be guided on how to upload your test file and when to expect your Email Intelligence Report.

You will receive the results in 24 hours after the test is initiated by our data experts. These simple steps will show you that great email health is achievable.

How Will Our Free Trial Help You?

Now that you have completed the trial, you may ask how this trial will help you achieve your goals? We first recommend reviewing your Email Intelligence Report with one of our data experts. They will be able to explain the positives and negatives of your data and how Webbula can help your company in the future. You will know within 24 hours what our technology uncovered in your emails which can range from typos, bots, spam traps, or fraud. If you are interested, Webbula can also identify the “best” emails that are much more likely to be opened using Social Media Authentication.

This trial will give you a chance to identify how clean your list can be with the full emailHygiene treatment. A clean list will improve ROI, click through rates and more!

Now that you have learned about our trial process, check it out for yourself. Click here to start the process and be on your way to a “clean bill” of email health for 2017.


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