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Webbula Is Traveling The World


Webbula might be based north of Pittsburgh, but we like to travel. In fact, starting this month, our Webbula team will be crisscrossing the United States to attend different trade shows and conventions. So where can you find the Webbula team over the first half of 2017? Keep reading as we learn where in the world will Webbula be?

Starting in February, Webbula is heading to warmer weather for the eTail West Conference in Palm Springs. However, we won’t just be catching some rays and getting a tan. The eTail West Conference is a key event to create conversations with 60+ marketing decision-makers and business leaders from across America. Webbula is the industry-leading company that incorporates sophisticated analytics and tools enabling organizations to cut through reams of customer data and deliver valuable insight. We will discuss how our new technologies are impacting marketing efforts across the country. Webbula is excited to return to eTail West and present our products to these key decision makers.

Webbula will keep up with the California theme at RampUp in San Francisco. We are excited to use this opportunity to meet with data suppliers and platforms about Webbula’s data solutions. This is one of the largest adserving conventions in the United States, and we are excited to be attending again.

Webbula will then trade in our flip-flops for snow boots as we hop across the United States to Lotame Spark in NYC. Webbula is a proud sponsor of Lotame Spark on March 7th. We will be sponsoring the lanyards at Lotame Spark, and we are hoping to talk to potential customers and build on existing relationships through this event.

Then, we travel back west to the land of pools and fancy hotels. You can find us at the Adobe Summit at the end of March in Las Vegas. We are excited to be attending this annual event for the first time in 2017. Webbula is a branded data contributor to Adobe Audience Manager. We are hoping to connect with Adobe Audience Manager agencies and brands at the Summit.

Finally, our last two trips for the first half of 2017 start in the beginning of June at the GDS Data Show in Atlanta, Georgia and Sarasota, Florida. Webbula is also proud to help sponsor this show in June. Our marketing department is excited to dig into the signage and marketing collateral that will be presented at this event. Our Webbula team at the event will be meeting with as many brands as possible to present them with our CloudHygiene, Data Enhancement and Audience Targeting products that Webbula features to help drive marketing efforts. As an added bonus, come see us at GDS and you could win a new IPad! This will be a return visit to GDS and we are so excited to build new relationships this year.

We then say au revoir to the United States as we attend the Cannes Lions – International Festival of Creativity on June 17th. This will be Webbula’s first international trip of the year to Cannes, France. Webbula is excited to present the highest quality data solutions to the major players in marketing fields. In our second year at Cannes Lions, we are excited to discuss the successes so far in the year and where creativity and marketing are headed in the future.

Webbula is flying back and forth across the US for the first half of 2017. We hope to see you at one of these trade shows or summits. Let us know in the comments which summit or convention we can see you at!


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