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Segmenting Your Email Lists In Spring

Email Lists

As a consumer of content, signing up for an email list can always be a risky maneuver. Do you end up with informative and creative emails discussing a topic you are interested in or do you end up with emails that are spammy and have nothing to do with what you signed up for?

This situation is a sad reality in our current marketing ecosystem. However, we know that every marketer hopes their customers will enjoy their informative and creative email campaigns.

This is why segmented lists are and have been crucial for marketers. Smart segmentation allows you to almost guarantee that the people receiving your emails will be happy to look at them. Not only does this increase your click-through rates but also raises the reputation of your company.

Segmented email lists are a great way to target a specific customer with a cause or product that they want to hear about. Receiving an email that you are interested in serves a better purpose than sending a generic email out to millions of people in hopes of receiving one or two clicks.

Knowing these statistics many marketers are looking for the data to help them create these campaigns. Webbula’s Data Enhancement can help these marketers start the process of acquiring the data to target the right customers. Data Enhancement will take your email list and add data for each customer such as their interests and cross-channel behaviors so you can send the targeted email campaigns with a higher success rate. Our Data Enhancement also uses our CloudHygiene technology to flag potentially harmful emails that could cause your campaigns to be sent to spam folders or even cause your company to be blacklisted.

This data can also help you pick a focus for your email campaign. As you see scan through your email list to see the interest and demographic data you have, you can find common trends and groupings to help you narrow your focus in on a particular topic. This process will help you craft an email campaign that is not only eye-opening, but it could also positively impact your sales goals. As you enter into spring, break out of your routine and try a segmented campaign for your next email blast. Webbula will help you find the segments of your email list to improve your next marketing venture.

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