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Why Is Bad Data Still A Thing?

why is bad data still a thing webbula blog image

Bad data can be the most infuriating thing in the world for marketers and agencies. We see this all the time with our customers. Organizations will acquire or purchase a list from a 3rd party. This data is littered with bots, zombies, complainers and more. The customer is then infuriated because they wasted their time and money on data that will not help advance their campaign. Have you ever had this happen?

We just don’t understand why selling and purchasing bad data is still popular in 2017?  Marketing and sales are so focused on targeting the right individual, that buying millions of data points that have nothing to do with your customer seems pointless to us. The customer experience should always come first, yet, this quantity over quality method of data is still everywhere.

Webbula’s hygiene technology is focused on identifying fraudulent, incorrect and malicious data sets to help the companies that find themselves in this predicament. However, it can still be a frustrating process when the company thought they had a great data set in the first place. They take the energy, time and money to create this entire campaign. Then, they are put on hold when they realize the purchased data list is not only littered with incorrect PII information, it has also been resold so many times that the data is old and invalid.

In this day of age, quality should be the key to any data acquisition strategy. Why use incomplete and frivolous data, when you can use full PII information that could help your campaign. Using data with names, emails and interests will give you way better results in email and ad campaigns. Did you know that targeted campaigns have a 14.31% higher open rate than non-targeted campaigns?  To us, this seems like the easy answer, but this has been a slow adoption process in the data technology industry.

We want to know your thoughts on the data quality vs. quantity aspect.  Data testing can be time-consuming and difficult, but there are solutions out there to help unlock the power of 3rd party data. What would it take you to focus on quality over quantity and test a hygiene solution or proven high-quality 3rd party data provider?

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