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Using Data Sets To Enhance Location Targeting

Data Sets

Coupons and incentives are a crucial part of the shopping culture of today. If a consumer can get a discount of a product at one store, they are not going to pay full price at another. As consumers are looking for the best deal, marketers have to be smart about how to promote these deals to consumers. The days of the weekly mailer are long gone. Consumers do not remember that they got a coupon for a department store that is only good for two weeks. They remember when they are near or even in the store. This is why location targeting for mobile advertising is the best way to reach these deal searching customers.

If a consumer sees an ad as part of their in-app experience that explains this nearby coffee shop is giving away a grande coffee for a tall price, they are more likely to go into that coffee shop. Putting the deal in front of nearby potential consumers is the best way to use incentives to drive sales. However, just because a consumer is near a particular retail location does not mean they are the perfect consumer for your product. Location data providers are working with companies to add additional data points to their solutions to provide even greater targeting. Webbula specializes in providing deterministic data with a focus on data quality, and our demographic data is why location data providers are working with companies like ours. This additional targeting help companies directly reach their ideal customer when they have arrived at the ideal location.

This is why Webbula’s industry-leading Audience Targeting solution can give our customers the data they need to make these location-based ads more powerful and successful. Our data comes from a multitude of sources including publisher partners, surveys, transactional events, social media, and other individualistic sources. Once Webbula receives the data, we apply our CloudHygiene technology to mitigate fraud and then we score the data for accuracy. Our data is tied to mobile IDS and cookies that are ready for targeted campaigns.

One example of what Webbula’s data can assist with was a campaign with a national spirits brand. This brand purchased a billboard in a new, up and coming neighborhood known for popular and trendy bars. The goal of the brand was to target mobile users around this billboard to drive awareness and sampling of their new vodka brand. Since this is a liquor brand, all consumers that were targeting for their campaign were required to be at least 21 or over to see this ad. By partnering with a DSP that has access to Webbula’s deterministic data, they have the confidence that their ads are only being shown to the right audience. Furthermore, they can narrow down their target audience by gender, income, profession and more.

Location data targeting is a powerful tool. By adding additional data sets like demographics or even interest data, location targeting can become even more powerful. Webbula is partnering with these data providers and others to make data more relevant to consumers and advertisers alike.

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