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Webbula Data Refresh

Which would you rather have? A giant cell phone that you carry with a battery pack, or would you rather have your small convenient iPhone. What about televisions? Do you miss your old box TV that took up half of your living room, or do you like your skinnier flat screen that sits on your wall? Nine times out of ten, new is always better. This sentiment is also true for data. This is because no piece of data is accurate for eternity. For example, the baby boomer generation stayed at their jobs for about 20-30 years. However, a new study shows that 21 of Millennials say they’ve changed jobs more than three times the rate of non-Millennials. This constant change in employment is just one reason why you need to continually refresh your career data. You do not want to have the wrong email or employment information for your contacts.

Outdated data can destroy any email marketing campaign. On average about 2 of typical customer data gets outdated every month or about 24-25 each year. The impact of outdated data is easily visualized with email campaigns. If you send 10,000 emails per month, but 2percent of your email list bounces; you just eliminated another 200 potential customers just from bad information. This is not only a waste of resources but also a waste of money. Updating your list and checking your customer profile accuracy, using Webbula’s email append, will help prevent or decrease the risk of bounces and bad emails.

Up-to-date data is also crucial for segmentation and personalization of your email campaigns. Personalized emails can have up to a 30 higher open rate if you have the correct information, which makes these types of campaigns crucial to a brand’s success. These individualized email campaigns can focus on any attribute from the number of children your customer has to what area of the country they live in. Just these two characteristics alone could change within a few months to a few years. Think about it this way, if you are sending out a personalized email to residents of Southern Florida, but you have not updated your information in a year. This means families who have relocated to another part of the country will be receiving an email that does not apply to them anymore. This family could then mark your email as spam, not only hurting your return on investment but also your brand’s reputation. Avoid these negative consequences by making sure your data provider updates their data on a regular basis. This will lead to a better open rate and make your email campaigns more effective.

Every company needs up-to-date data that includes contact information and attributes to have a successful campaign. Choosing Webbula’s data gives you the added confidence that your data is some of the best in the industry. Our data is rigorously updated on a daily, weekly and monthly schedule. Then, we append your data to check for customer accuracy. Finally, we use CloudHygiene to check for spam traps, bots and zombies within your emails. This three step process will give your marketing department the information it needs to be successful in the email marketing world.


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