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Say Hello to Data Appends!

Webbula News

Webbula is thrilled to expand our products in response to the growing demand from our customers. Webbula is now proud to present Data Appending. This upgraded audience targeting technology will give marketers the data they need to target their customers across multiple channels. Our customers are our number one priority, and with Data Appending we know that our customers are getting everything they need and more.

Data Appends enables marketers to deliver relevant ads in real-time to a specific audience. This industry-leading technology includes premium quality authoritative, deterministic and self-reported data that includes over 85% of the U.S. population. Webbula ensures quality by constantly verifying and running this data through our proprietary Cloudhygiene service, which is aggregated from over 100+ sources. This protection is why our data is trusted by hundreds of brands and agencies every day.

What makes Webbula’s Data Appending stand out from the crowd? InsightData is 100% deterministic and non-modeled, which means you can trust the results. Marketers can use our data to create new or expand upon existing audiences with our categories of demographics, automotive, B2B, political, financial and interest/lifestyle data. Take a deeper look into each category to build an audience that goes beyond demographics and delivers relevant messaging based on actual interests, hobbies, online behaviors, donations, politics, income, education, professional affiliations, and much more. For example, we can tell you a person’s email, their career, and what options they purchased on their new car. Webbula’s Data Appending goes into detail where our competitors can not.  With over 330 million email addresses, 200+ million Mobile IDs, 216 million individuals, 245 interest categories, 85 million automotive records and more – Webbula will bring your campaign to life.

Make sure to visit Webbula’s Data Appends page to learn more. You can request a free trial to see how our data can help your business grow. InsightData is just one of the reasons Webbula is THE Data Quality Expert.


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