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What is Webbula emailHygiene?

Whatever term you happen to use, validation, verification, bounce check, or some variation on that theme – email hygiene is the cornerstone upon which every email marketing campaign should start. Quite literally, your reputation rests on the quality of the data you use to send your campaign, conversion, conversation, engagement, or other emails out to your customers, prospects, subscribers, or whoever else you need to communicate with. Your Sender Reputation is at stake, as is the effectiveness of your marketing budget, and the ultimate results upon which it will be judged. This is not over-stating the obvious, it is merely the environment email marketers find themselves working in. In a world in which the pace of change is only increasing, the pace of data change is increasing along with it. Threats are evolving almost daily, and the consequences of ignoring data quality can impact more than just your reputation. It is critical that you can trust someone to ensure that your data is as close to perfect as it can be. That’s why Email Hygiene is so critical.

At Webbula we are passionate about truth in data. For over eight years now we’ve been going above and beyond the industry standards to provide our customers the very best, most reliable, and trusted products to ensure that passion. We don’t believe that standard validation, verification, or bounce checks are enough any longer. We believe it is time to go beyond verification and that is why we built Webbula emailHygiene. Built on over 30+ individual filters (including verification and bounce checks), including several exclusive partnerships that are available nowhere else in the industry, Webbula emailHygiene is as close to data perfection as we can get it. Today. We are not resting on our laurels however, like all of our products, emailHygiene is constantly being tested, challenged, and improved. The world is changing quickly  and we remain on the leading edge of those changes. Always one step ahead.

So who needs Webbula emailHygiene? Everyone that sends emails to their potential customers, subscribers, members, or anyone else that they communicate with. We’ve worked with Email Marketing Agencies, National Bowling Associations, HealthCare providers, Fortune 500 Corporations, locally owned businesses, Bed & Breakfasts, and pretty much everything in-between. If you mail to 2,500 or 25,000,000 you should turn to emailHygiene first. It’s easy to use, doesn’t take long, and you get your data back organized and identified so that you can make the ultimate decision about how best to use it. It really is just that simple.

And you can feel confident in the knowledge that your data is emailHygiene clean.

Give our 1-minute video below a watch and then give us a call. We even offer a FREE Trial if you want to take us for a test drive.

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