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Webbula Announces Tru Optik OTT Data Marketplace Integration

By December 8, 2017Webbula News
Webbula News

STAMFORD, CT – December 8, 2017 – Webbula is proud to announce the integration of Webbula’s dataVault with Tru Optik’s Data Management Platform as part of the OTT Data Marketplace. This new integration means that advertisers can leverage Webbula branded data assets to create customized segments for use across both direct and programmatic over-the-top (OTT)/ Connected TV (CTV) campaigns.

The OTT Data Marketplace provides access to branded segments from a broad range of leading behavioral, demographic, and purchase data partnerships. Which now include Webbula data segments in demographic, automobile, B2B, interests, hobby, lifestyle and more.

Andre Swanston, CEO and co-founder of Tru Optik says, “The OTT Data Market Place is the only repository of branded third-party data synced to all Connected TV households and devices. It was built to complement the Tru Optik Data Management Platform in providing media companies, publishers, and advertisers with the ability to power audience based advertising across all OTT and CTV devices and platforms.”

The OTT Data Marketplace is unique because it enables marketers and advertisers to take full advantage of the precision people based targeting that digital offers to buy OTT and CTV.

Webbula’s data expansion provides 100 percent non-modeled deterministic data that delivers outstanding precision at scale and helps meet the growing need for identity-based data.

Founded in 2009, Webbula focuses on data quality through proprietary quality-centric and fraud-mitigating technology, and it prioritizes quality data over quantity to deliver campaign accuracy and compliancy. Webbula’s insightData forgoes all models and uses information volunteered by consumers through hundreds of sources including survey, transactional, and publisher data. Because data is continually obtained from multiple sources, scale is still achieved while prioritizing quality over quantity.  Webbula’s insightData becomes extremely valuable when marketers overlay Webbula’s valuable user attributes like demographic, interest, automotive, B2B, political, and financial attributes.

Swanston continues,  “We continue to be impressed with Webbula and are proud to work directly with them on this important integration to our larger offering. They provide vital and integral components that have expanded the precision we are able to offer, making the OTT Data Marketplace even more valuable to potential customers. We look forward to the future in partnership with Webbula.”

Webbula’s data integration with Tru Optik goes well beyond traditional ad targeting data, not only meeting today’s cross-channel needs, but also providing insight into the consumers most likely to respond to precision targeting.

To learn more about Tru Optik’s Data Management Platform and the OTT Data Marketplace please visit:

Webbula. The Data Quality Experts.

About Tru Optik:

Tru Optik is a digital media intelligence company providing audience insight and advertising solutions that empower brand marketers and media companies to fully monetize audience and consumer demand. Armed with advanced technology, the largest dataset of global over-the- top (OTT) media consumption, and unmatched focus, Tru Optik has built the only audience measurement and data-management platform that works across the entire OTT ecosystem, including Connected TV. Tru Optik is the preferred partner of many of the world’s largest media companies, brands, and agencies as they navigate the millennial-led shift to OTT.

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