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Webbula Next Level

For the past eight years Webbula has been hard at work building incredible best-in-class solutions that assist marketers of all sizes. Innovative solutions that lead the way in Email Marketing, Audience Targeting, and Data Quality. Webbula’s cloudHygiene and insightData are unsurpassed when it comes to detecting hidden threats, mitigating fraud, enhancing customer information, and providing insights into demographic segmentation. These are extremely powerful tool-sets and you can learn more about them here on our website. And I encourage you to do so.

However, as we looked forward towards the future, we realized that all aspects of Webbula need to reflect that technological commitment. That our “Truth in Data” passions, the reason we worked so hard to develop these innovative tools in the first place, need to be communicated across all of our platforms. And over the past few months we’ve been asking ourselves the tough questions regarding everything we do, how we communicate, and how we present ourselves. Initially this has led to a complete re-imagining of this website – a process that continues even today. Additionally we’ve developed several simple videos that help explain our services in easy-to-understand language, and we will continue to develop those as well. Infographics, white papers, and an increasingly wide-reaching marketing and sales effort that we plan on relying on to spread the word even further. Along the way we kept coming back to the same, almost sacred, ground. The original Webbula branding.

Over the past few months we’ve been working hard on all aspects of our communications, marketing, and sales efforts. In addition, we’ve been looking for an honest solution to our branding platform. One that continues the legacy that the original laid the ground-work for, while also helping us move into the future. Today we launch, not the “new” Webbula brand, but one that continues the evolution of the Webbula brand. The next step, the next level if you will, in a path that was started over eight years ago. We knew we were on the right path when it felt like a natural extension of where we’ve been, what we stand for, and where we hope the future will lead us.

Introducing the next level of our journey. We look forward to sharing the ride with you.

Webbula: The Next Level

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