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Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day was established to provoke a discussion and allow individuals and companies to take action to better protect their data. Society is generally unaware of how and why their personal information is being collected, shared, and used in the digital community. Luckily, data privacy day has been set aside as a day that we can use to communicate the risks of spam traps, malicious moles, blacklisted emails, and other issues affecting our data security.


How it began

Data Privacy Day was influenced by the celebration of Data Protection Day in Europe which was birthed by the signing of Convention 108 on January 28th, 1981. According to staysafeonline, “it was the first legally binding international treaty dealing with privacy and data protection”. In January 2008, the United States and Canada started an extension of the European holiday called Data Privacy Day.

The Data Privacy Campaign is lead by The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) that is advised by a knowledgeable committee of privacy professionals to help the campaign receive the most accurate, and up to date privacy issues.

Webbula’s CEO Vince Cersosimo, comments on how NCSA educates consumers on Data Privacy.

Data Privacy Day is a great way to inform and encourage people to communicate and take action on the risks of traps, moles, blacklisted emails and other issues affecting data privacy. It’s good to see the committee of privacy professionals of NCSA informing the community by leading the Data Privacy Day campaign on how they can own their online presence and encourage businesses to take action as well. Sending the message out to a large audience will encourage businesses that rely on email to contact Webbula.

Data Privacy Day is one of Webbula’s favorite days. And sharing information on the privacy of email data is one of our favorite topics. It’s the perfect day to remind you why data protection is so important.


Why protect your data?

Data protection is not just a legal requirement, or something that individuals need to be worried about, but is also very important for the protection of your business.

Any information that a business has stored from financial information to contact information for your staff needs to follow the right steps to be properly protected. Data collection, transactions, loyalty programs, customer details, and employee records are all examples of information that must be protected.

Personally identifiable information (PII) is just the start of many different types of data that must be protected. We cannot forget to assure that everything from date of birth to email addresses down to interests and preferences are protected. The biggest concern of data protection is to prevent the risk of data being misused by third parties for identity theft, scams, or worse.


In conclusion

Get this Privacy Data day started off on a good note by protecting your email data with the help of Webbula, the Data Quality Experts. At Webbula, we receive our data directly from individuals who self-report their own information. Truth in Data is our passion, and we never use modeled data. We keep brands safe every day from bots, scammers, and fraud by identifying those risky threats that are lurking in their email data. Since today is Data Privacy Day, it is the perfect time to call us! Webbula will help you improve email deliverability and ensure your next marketing campaign lands in your customer’s inbox.


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