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Webbula Tim Hartley

Welcome to our new on-going series called “Webbula SalesForce” where we introduce you to our growing , professional sales team. For our first spotlight we start with Tim Hartley. Tim has been with Webbula since early 2017 and for the longest time was the one member of the team located in our corporate office in Pittsburgh. We felt sorry for him however and recently added another team member for him to talk to. Although, to be honest, Tim rarely talks to any of us because he is so busy talking to customers and potential customers. And luckily for the rest of us, we get to hear all of those conversations. (We’re joking, Tim is very quiet… is he even here today?)

Tim grew up in Tennessee and he has all the Southern charm to prove it. He has taken to book learning real well and become extremely knowledgeable about Data Quality, Hidden Threats, and Data Appending. One of our customers was heard to say recently that Tim is, “The best thing about Webbula.” Which is funny, since obviously the snack service here at the office is clearly the best thing about Webbula. But, to be fair, that customer doesn’t know that. Tim does an exceptional job of helping our customers navigate the challenges they face with their data and he deserves all the praise we can give him.

Seriously though, if your business is facing data quality challenges then Tim is an integral part of the best SalesForce team in the industry – all of whom stand ready to help. Data quality is more important now than ever before, so don’t take chances with yours, give our team a call or drop them an email at today.

Who will we spotlight next week?


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