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Webbula Chuck Davis

This week’s Webbula SalesForce Spotlight focuses its glaring light on none other than our very own Email Jedi Master Chuck Davis. Chuck was born on the day that Email was invented (maybe) and has dedicated his life to the pursuit of total email data knowledge, which is just a more creative way of saying Chuck has more email information in his pinky finger than most of us have in our entire bodies. For the last four years the power of Chuck’s mastery has been with us here at Webbula and not a day passes that we don’t all appreciate the fact that he lives in Los Angeles. As Chief Revenue Officer Chuck is responsible for the operation of our entire SalesForce Team! Which is, to be serious for a moment, great news for all of us and for our customers. We are all in great hands. Especially the pinky finger with all that email knowledge in it.

If you are out and about at Industry Trade Shows and Conferences you may have already had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Chuck. He’ll be in Chicago next week at IRCE with our team, so be sure to take time to say Hello. He is easy to find. He looks just like the picture above. There are few people in this Industry with more experience, more knowledge, and more Hawaiian shirts. Other than that, Chuck lives on the West Coast and none of us know anything about his personal life – if he even has one. The rumors here at HQ are that he works 24/7 and hasn’t taken a vacation in the last four years. That is some serious dedication.

If your business is facing data quality challenges then there is no one better to help you find the solutions that are right for you than Chuck. He has literally helped gigantic and complex Fortune 500 corporations, advertising agencies, mom and pop concerns, and everything in-between better utilize their email data to help ensure the success of their businesses – and he can help yours as well. Before you bounce, drop into a Spam Trap, or violate some new rules be sure to give Chuck and the Webbula SalesForce Team a call, or drop them an email at today.


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