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Webbula Larry Karipides

The most important thing to know about Larry is that his last name, “Karipides”, is Greek for “Distant Messaging God”. Since the ancient Greeks didn’t have email technology (at least as far as we know), we believe that is what they meant. Like nearly all Greeks Larry does a near perfect Robert DeNiro impression. If you meet Larry in person you’ll eventually get to see it for yourself, he shows everyone. Seriously though, Larry is another super-genius when it comes to email data quality and he joined the Webbula team recently with over twenty years of direct experience. Unlike Chuck Davis, who keeps his email knowledge in his pinky finger, Larry keeps his safely secured in his goatee.

Larry lives in the New York City area somewhere (Stamford, CT) and joined the Webbula Team after spending the past twelve years at Return Path, working his way up from the mail room to the penthouse. Or from Director of Sales to Senior Director of Partner Alliances, which sounds very fancy. His roots go all the way back to CheetahMail and Experian, a background that makes him the perfect person to rely on for your next email challenge. Other than that we know very little about Larry. We suspect he may be the Caped Email Crusader that prowls the streets of New York at night solving email data problems for the downtrodden, but we have very little direct evidence… yet.

If your business is facing data quality challenges then there is no one better to help you find the solutions that are right for you than Larry. He has the knowledge, the experience, and the DeNiro impression, to help your company or organization utilize your email to ensure the success of your next campaign. Before you bounce, drop into a Spam Trap, or violate some new rules be sure to give Larry and the Webbula SalesForce Team a call, or drop them an email at today.


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