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Webbula Julia Woessner

Julia is the latest addition to the Webbula SalesForce Team – which is the SalesForce Team here at Webbula. Even though that has nothing to do with the Sales Force software platform. Although they do use the Sales Force software platform. Does any of that make sense? Who was in charge of naming this feature?! This copy has gotten way off track!  Julia isn’t really a “sales” member exactly, her title is actually Account Manager. Which we believe means that she manages accounts. Never let it be said that anything gets past us here in the Marketing Department.

Julia’s job is super important and she works directly with our customers to ensure they have the best experience working with Webbula. She is really good at it and she makes us all look good in the process. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise since she has a ton of experience with makeup, hairstyling, and sales. Julia lives in a place called “The Greater Pittsburgh Area” which we would like to know more about, because all of us here at the glorious Webbula Headquarters just live in “The Regular Pittsburgh Area”. The ‘greater’ area sounds so much better.

If you are a regular Webbula customer then you should look forward to hearing from Julia at some point. If not, then what are you waiting for? All the cool kids are doing it. When it comes to superior email verification, email hygiene, appends and audience targeting built on the back of authoritative, constantly updated and self-reported data – Webbula is the smart choice. Contact us at today.


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