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Dave is always smiling. (Except in the illustration above.) But when you meet him in real life it is probably the first thing you’ll notice about him. We suspect he is so darn happy because he lives in the South and it is warm there most of the time. We wouldn’t know, we live in Pittsburgh where it rains only slightly less than it does in Seattle. And it rains all the time in Seattle. Seriously though, there are few people alive with more direct email experience than Dave, just one glance at his history is enough to make so-called email marketing experts faint. That may be a true story.

Dave lives in the Atlanta area and his background reads like a history of email lesson. From Experian and The Marketing Suite & CheetahMail (SaaS) platforms, to Infor and IBM, Whoop Mobile, Business Wire and Cision, Dave’s experience is deep. And now he brings all of that knowledge and depth to helping customers navigate the minefields of Email Hygiene, Data Appends, and all of Webbula’s solutions. And now that we think about it, maybe this is the real reason Dave is so happy. It’s the reason we are. Awww. And people say this business can be heartless. That was real emotion there!

If your business is facing data quality challenges then there is no one better to help you find the solutions that are right for you than Dave. He has the knowledge, the experience, and the sunny disposition, to help your company or organization utilize your email to ensure the success of your next campaign. Before you bounce, drop into a Spam Trap, or violate some new rules be sure to give Dave and the Webbula SalesForce Team a call, or drop them an email at today.


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