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8 Super Tips to Drive Email Engagement

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Email marketing remains an extremely effective communications tool and is widely used in a wide variety of industries. Year after year, email continues to prove itself as one of the best ways that marketers have to reach their customers. All of which means that customer inboxes are full of messages from a wide variety of industries. With people receiving dozens and dozens of emails every day, how does a marketer stand out from those other emails in order to ensure customer engagement?

If you want to grab your subscribers attention, start with an awesome subject line to grab their attention, then follow these 8 Super Tips to drive email engagement.

Keep it short

Let’s face it. No one actually reads long emails, nor have the time in their day to do it. Get to the point and make your emails interesting. Your emails shouldn’t be more than a few sentences. If you want engagement, make your point early and be fun and creative. When people are answering emails, they tend to wait to respond to the longer emails later due to the long response back.

Always test, then test again

There is no magic trick for getting the best engagement, but if you continually test it could lead to pretty darn close to it. The subject line is the first thing your subscribers see, so prepare two awesome ones, and test it out. When we’re talking about email, the best thing to do is a test, and test again even with subject lines, content, colors and so on.

Plan for Mobile

Your subscriber engagement metrics will suffer if you are not planning on using responsive design to optimize your emails for mobile. How many times have you clicked on an email or website and it wasn’t mobile friendly? No one wants to spend time scrolling zooming in and out to read your content. Advice for you now, don’t do it.

Segment your list

Segment your list based on demographics, Web browsing history, transactional history and so on can help maximize with your content relevancy. According to MailChimp, “segmenting your lists had open rates that were 14.37% higher, clicks that were 64.78% higher, and unsubscribe rates were 8.89% lower than people who don’t segment their lists”.

Personalize your content

When you’re sending emails, personalizing it is one of the most important steps. In order for your subscribers to open and engage your email, you need it to be personalized. If your subscriber has no interest in your subject line or email content, your next email will not be opened and deleted. Content should target individual preferences.

Understand the Value of a subject line

Be specific in your subject line, you want to stand out from the list of other emails as well. So make it grab their attention and personalize it of course. Find the pain in your customer, which you can fix. Put yourself in their mind, “What will I benefit from opening this email watching this video, or clicking on this link”.

Don’t be a Marketing robot, speak to humans

Your subscribers don’t understand the techy and marketing language you may speak on a daily basis at your job, so don’t use it in your emails. You are targeting all types of people, so keep it plain and simple. Use basic terms, veer away from the marketing terms for now. My advice, talk as if you were speaking to a family member or a friend about your business. Once you receive their engagement, keep your email fun and interesting. The worst thing you can do is make it too cluttered.

Always remember your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Always make sure the people that are receiving your emails want to hear from you. And how that starts is maintaining a clean email list. Do not buy your lists, grow them through your blog, or newsletter, subscriptions, email campaigns, tradeshows, and more. Never ever buy a list, because you do not know what kind of threats could be hiding in those ready to damage your sender score, open click rates, or permanently put you on a blacklist.


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