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Relevancy Webinar

Join The Relevancy Group Webinar, sponsored by Webbula

The Relevancy Group will be conducting a Webinar on July 25th at 1 PM EST on their recent research report, “The Power of Email Verification and Multi-Method Email Hygiene.” If you sign up for the FREE webinar, you will also be able to download the research report.

The research report states some important takeaways, like email deliverability rates have been trending downward over the past three years, and as of the second half of 2018 had dropped to 87 percent. When it comes verification and hygiene, they found that very few marketers think about implementing it in their email marketing efforts, or leave room in their budgets for it.

Real-time email verification is a necessary tactic to ensure that email addresses are valid, but it is an incomplete and increasingly ineffective defense. To improve deliverability and suppress against multiple threats, marketers need to adopt verification and multi-method email hygiene like Webbula cloudHygiene.

In the Webinar you will hear from David Daniels, CEO & Founder of Relevancy Group, Nicholas Einstein, VP of Research at Relevancy Group, and Bryan Ward, Chief Marketing Officer at Webbula.

What you’ll learn watching the webinar:
• What is the state of email deliverability
• What are marketers doing to improve the quality of the email marketing lists?
• What framework should marketers use for maintaining clean customer data?
• How confident are marketers in the ability for email hygiene and verification to have an impact on business results?
• Are marketers that are embracing the power of verification and multi-method email hygiene experiencing net improvements in business results?

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