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Relevancy Webinar

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The Relevancy Group recently released a research report entitled, “The Power of Email Verification and Multi-Method Email Hygiene” co-sponsored by the data quality experts here at Webbula. To continue to discuss their research findings, they also conducted a Webinar on July 25th discussing the results from that report.


In this Webinar you will hear from David Daniels, CEO & Founder of Relevancy Group, Nicholas Einstein, VP of Research at Relevancy Group, and our very own Bryan Ward, Chief Marketing Officer at Webbula.

What they found was that real-time bounce checks are only one way to ensure that email addresses are valid, but it is an increasingly incomplete defense. To truly improve deliverability and abolish multiple threats, marketers need to adopt both verification and multi-method email hygiene like Webbula cloudHygiene. Verification and multi method email hygiene equates to approximately $2 million additional dollars in monthly revenue among those involved in the study. Hygiene is not a cost, it’s a profit center according to Relevancy Group research. Email Marketers that use Verification combined with Multi-Method Email Hygiene outperform those that do not, and those results are not surprising to us here at Webbula.

Does this lead you to want to learn more? Watch the Webinar now, and also download the research report. You’re one step closer in the right direction to a clean email list.


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