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Finish off your Summer Email Campaigns with a nice cold refreshing Multi-Method Email Hygiene


Summer is sadly coming to an end, and as email marketers, you’re packing up your sunglasses, shorts, swimsuits, coolers, and heading down the road to the fall and winter seasons. But before you go, you’ll be sending out your last few summer campaigns – and what better way to prepare than with a nice cold refreshing solution – Multi-Method Email Hygiene! Have you ever tried Email Hygiene? We’re here to tell you, it is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. And once you’ve had a taste, you’ll never go back to verification light.

Pull the beach chair out, put your feet up, pop open your cooler, and grab a refreshing cold refreshing Multi-Method Email Hygiene – and we’ll tell you the tale of why you should be using hygiene before you send out your last few summer campaigns.

Are you sending your email campaigns without identifying the hidden threats in your list first? Or are you only using a simple verification test on it? Then keep reading, because the solution you need is a multi-method email hygiene approach.

The Relevancy Group recently conducted research on the importance of Email Verification and Multi-Method Email Hygiene and followed up with a research report, and a webinar co-sponsored by Webbula.  So who wants to only rely on verification light, when they can enjoy the full, bold taste of bundled email hygiene? Let’s summarize what we saw on the report.

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Key Takeaways

Email delivery rates have been trending downward over the past three years, and as of the second half of 2018, they have dropped to 87 percent. Hmm, wonder why? When most marketers were asked about the verification and hygiene methods they mostly found that marketers weren’t doing enough, and some weren’t even setting budget aside for it in their marketing.

Working together verification and multi-method email hygiene equates to approximately $2 million additional dollars in monthly revenue. Email hygiene is not a cost, it is a profit center.

Improved Deliverability is based on Marketers utilizing Verification and Hygiene

A key takeaway from the Relevancy Group research report was, “Real-time email verification is a necessary tactic to ensure that email addresses are valid, but it is an incomplete defense. To improve deliverability and suppress against multiple threats, marketers need to adopt verification and multi-method hygiene”. The necessary steps that marketers need to follow from the research report are:

  1. Email Verification: This process detects inactive threats that result in hard and soft bounces, identifying and removing undeliverable email addresses that bounce. This validation must occur in real-time at the time of opt-in to ensure that it is a real email address and not malformed.
  2. Hygiene that Protects Against Reputation Threats: This is for detecting hidden threats such as malicious moles, legal and spam traps, honeypots and blacklisted emails. This level of protection ensures that you are not caught by these types of active trackers that adversely impact delivery and negatively impact reputation.
  3. Hygiene that Protects Against Fraud Threats: This type of threat protects against the insidious bots and content spammers that facilitate phishing scams, fraudulent activities, and bogus names. This level of detection keeps the evildoers out and assists in ensuring that your brand is not comprised.
  4. Hygiene that Protects Against Delivery Threats: This removes duplicates, improper domains, and invalid addresses, it is an integral aspect to keeping email lists spotless and significantly improving deliverability.
  5. Hygiene that Protects Against Conversion Threats: This aspect removes deceased individuals, schools, government officials and domains that are known to complain. Utilizing offline data and matching this to email addresses allows for a level of in-depth knowledge about the subscriber and overall improves the conversion rate of the mailing.

In the end, Email Marketers taking advantage of Verification and Multi-Methods of Email Hygiene outperform those that do not. It is as simple as that. Here at Webbula, these results are not surprising to us. Clearly, the kind of Multi-Method Email Hygiene found in Webbula’s emailHygiene is vastly superior to simple verification alone. And every day that gap only continues to increase, as threats continue to adapt, evolve, and improve – simple verification bounce checks are not enough. Marketers need to take advantage of multi-method email hygiene to safeguard against ever-changing email threats. So before the summer comes to an end, enjoy the outdoors, and crack open a fresh bottle of email hygiene. It’s time to break away from simple verification light.

Learn more at about the Relevancy Group research report, here.
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