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Webbula TRG Report


Back in July The Relevancy Group released a new research report entitled, “The Power of Email Verification and Multi-Method Email Hygiene” co-sponsored by the data quality experts here at Webbula. Now we are please to offer this important report for Direct Download. No forms to fill out – just click the link to download the PDF and read the results for yourself.

Marketers have been busy battling malicious emails flows for years, using different methods that haven’t been very effective. When marketers were asked about their email list cleaning methods, most stated that they are currently not doing enough, or putting enough away in their budget to plan for it.

Real-time email bounce checks are only one way to ensure that email addresses are valid, but it is an increasingly incomplete defense. To truly improve deliverability and abolish multiple threats, marketers need to adopt both verification and multi-method email hygiene like Webbula cloudHygiene. Verification and multiple method email hygiene equates to approximately $2 million additional dollars in monthly revenue. Hygiene is not a cost, it is a profit center according to Relevancy Group research. Email Marketers that use Verification combined with Multi-Method Email Hygiene outperform those that do not. It is as simple as that.

The results are not surprising to us here at Webbula, clearly Email Hygiene is vastly superior to simple verification. And every day that gap only continues to increase. Increasingly one data quality approach is not enough. Marketers need to  take advantage of multi-method email hygiene to safeguard against ever changing email threats. That is why we thought it was important to sponsor this research and bring the results to your attention. As the leader in multi-method Email Hygiene, Webbula’s cloudHygiene solution is the proven solution that can help bring your email marketing to the next level.

Now this important report is available for immediate direct download from Webbula.


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