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Webinar | Leveraging Audience Data for Targeting Purposes

By September 21, 2018Webbula News
Webbula and TruOptik Webinar

OTT Marketing Cloud Webinar with Webbula : Leveraging Audience Data for Targeting purposesOn o

Webbula is excited to announce that we will be apart of  TruOptik’s 2018 Webinar Series. On October 10th, at 2pm Webbula will be presenting a webinar about, “Leveraging Audience Data for Targeting Purposes”. Participants will hear directly from the brains of Webbula Douglas Egeth, Webbula’s Chief Operating Officer.

He will speak about Webbula’s data solution, insightData, and how it combines industry-leading data rich assets with the latest technology to provide our customers with a clear omnichannel view. Webbula believes in deterministic, self-reported data – you can trust the data we provide because it is individually linked to the audiences you need to reach.  You’ll hear Doug explain how we aggregate our data, how we keep it constantly updated, and what categories we provide.

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