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Holiday Countdown

The countdown has already started.

For email marketers, this holiday season is already full steam ahead. According to CPC Strategy’s survey results, 33.5 percent of shoppers plan on starting their holiday gift shopping before Thanksgiving this year. That means email marketers are already preparing for the holiday rush, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, it’s one holiday after another until the end of the year.

Emails are already flowing into inboxes in preparation and promotion. No matter if you are driving traffic to an online destination or a more traditional brick and mortar retailer – the pressure is on. Every year only seems to ramp up the demand for marketing to drive traffic to the hottest destinations. The fourth quarter can be a real pressure cooker and this year is no different.

But you know all of this already. What you might not realize is how much of a difference Email Hygiene can make in your results. Especially with overall deliverability rates dropping across the board. Emails that end up in junk folders don’t sell and don’t convert. Consumers are looking for more and more relevant emails. In fact, according to The Relevancy Group research, lack of relevancy causes 52% of consumers to opt-out or ignore email messages. The environment for email marketers is becoming more and more difficult every day.

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But what if I told you that proper Email Hygiene can help you reach your target audience’s inbox? Your content and engagement strategy is your own business, but Multi-Method Email Hygiene is a proven best practice that eliminates problems that impact your deliverability and your reputation. If you only take one important piece of advice away from this post it should be that before you prepare to send your email campaigns, it is important to rely on Multi-Method Email Hygiene to defend against hidden threats in your email data that can cause poor deliverability rates and negatively impact your sender score. (The Relevancy Group conducted a report on The Power of Email Verification and Multi-Method Email Hygiene) After the countless hours of hard work that you and your team have put into your email campaigns, the worst nightmare you may face might not be Halloween, but the email threats hiding in your data.

If you are relying on an old-fashioned verification provider to protect your data – you are living in the past. Verizon’s Oath ( Learn more here Part 1, Part 2) no longer responds to verification, and anyone that tells you differently is relying on cached data with a rapidly approaching expiration date. Webbula’s Mult-Method Email Hygiene has the power to detect spam traps, bots, moles, screamers and much more. With over 30 customizable filters we don’t rely on just a simple “on/off/dunno” switch.

Look, you can read all the great advice in the world about when to send your campaigns, or how personable you should be, but without Multi-Method Email Hygiene backing you up – your campaigns are missing out on lost revenue. It’s as simple as that. So be sure to give your list an update and maximize the potential results before you hit that send button. Why take chances during this most important time of year?

See the results for yourself. Take our FREE Trial Offer for a test drive and see what gets revealed for yourself.

We’ve provided some helpful Infographics below that you can use to help plan your holiday campaigns. Enjoy.

November shopping


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