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Webbula has all the sweet data your next campaign needs.

There are just a few weeks until Halloween and children aren’t the only ones allowed to be excited for this spooky holiday. As we all know by now, this holiday is designed for children to dress up in costumes and get candy from strangers. Candy from strangers!?! And here we thought our parents told us to never do that? Huh. Oh well, luckily children aren’t the only ones who can go trick or treating.

Marketers can also go trick or treating this Halloween, or anytime they want. You’ve probably already started to notice that this Halloween analogy is running rather thin. We do apologize. But you can’t blame us for connecting things to Halloween. It’s such a fun time of the year. So let’s trick or treat for data! Here at Webbula, we don’t make you dress up to go trick or treating, you can get data anytime you want, all you have to do is call us! Although if you do want to dress up first, we can’t stop you.

At Webbula World Headquarters ( we have the biggest candy bowl in the entire neighborhood.  It is so big we store all of our candy in a not-so-creepy dataVault. That’s right, we are the house with the biggest candy bars, and we allow you to take more than one. Do you want a sneak peek into our candy bowl before the holiday? Well, good thing you’re reading this because we’re about to tell you all about Webbula data, candy style.

Look inside our Candy Bowl | Webbula DataVault

From day one Webbula has been built upon a rigorous adherence to truth in data. We understand that our products are only as good as the data they are built upon and we strive to ensure superior data quality every single day.

All of our data comes from self-reported and individually-linked sources, which means that we never use modeled data to artificially inflate our candy bowl full of data – or yours. But we don’t stop there. Every single piece of delicious data that passes into the Webbula dataVault is also put thru our multi-method cloudHygiene filters to check for accuracy, threats, and more – resulting in increased reliability. We do not want to give out any bad candy!

That’s not all, we also do not cache or keep customer data like many other providers. We collect our own data which means our dataVault can serve as a truth-set against which we compare your data to illuminate flaws, issues, or threats. It is purely a pass-thru, and unlike most of our competitors, we don’t hang on to your data. We don’t need to, we have our own candy.

Curious where we get our delicious data from? Well, it comes from over 110 trusted providers and is powerfully comprehensive. Updated daily, monthly and quarterly of course, we want you to have the freshest data available. So we are constantly adding more data and continually building perfection into the system. Our dataVault gives our customers the confidence they need no matter how big or small their needs might be.

We’re giving you a sneak peek into our candy vault before Halloween so you can see all the best candies that Webbula has to offer:




























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