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6 Ways to Prepare Your Email Marketing Before the Holidays

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The holiday season is near, which means email marketers are already planning to send out their holiday campaigns.

According to “this holidays season is projected to rake in $123 billion in online sales, a 15% growth over last year. Considering nearly 25% of Cyber Monday sales were driven by email marketing, it is imperative to have your holiday email marketing strategy well planned out”. Before we start let’s take a look at a few important stats from the 2017 holiday season.

2017 Holiday Season

  • According to emarketer, “Total US retail sales climbed 5.5% during the 2017 holiday season, buoyed by a 17.8% jump in retail eCommerce sales. Both levels represented the largest increases since 2011. Growth will slow slightly in 2018, but will remain solid”.
  • According to fulcrumtech, “Online retail sales hit $5.03 billion on Black Friday of 2017, which was up 16.9% compared to sales in 2016.”
  • A record $2 million in mobile sales occurred on Cyber Monday
  • Email demonstrated the highest conversion rate (4.29%), followed by search (3.04%), direct mail (2.39%), and social (1.81%)
  • According to Multichannel Merchant, Thanksgiving Day generated $2.87 billion in online sales alone.

2017 hit record trends and now with the 2018 holiday season near, you should prepare to see those numbers growing yet again.  So let’s take a look at 6 steps to make sure your holiday campaigns start out on the right foot.

Email Design

The holiday season is the busiest time for promotional emails so you must stand out from all of the other similar emails people are receiving. Break free from the traditional email design. Get your subscribers attention using color, and creativeness, humor, etc. but don’t forget to plan for mobile views! Like mentioned above, a record of $2 million in mobile sales occurred last Cyber Monday (2017). Mobile is going to be even more important this year.


Gone are the days where personalization alone was enough. You know the old customer first name in the subject line to get their attention. Hyper-Personalization has been slowly being introduced this past year and now will becoming the new normal in 2019. A Hyper-personalization campaign uses purchasing, browsing, and real-time behavioral data from multiple channels to target content, products, and services for each subscriber. The reason for this new way of personalization is to increase the opportunities a marketer has to target specific content that fits each and every customer’s wants and needs. The more data you gather and analyze the better the opportunities.

You are molding your email message based on the device they are using, the location of a purchase or a search, the time of the purchase or search, the payment method, and if social media was involved.

Traditional personalization uses profiling techniques to make assumptions about subscribers based on certain traits, which allows the marketer to target messaging, services, or products based on these specific traits. This is simply not detailed enough, this is why hyper-personalization is rapidly becoming the new method.

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Show Off Your Differences

This is where you can win over your shoppers and finally call them customers. You need to be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors. How you could do this is by informing them about your holiday return policy, if you offer discounts, coupons, gift wrapping, or other added values to boost your customers to go with your product or service. These are just a few ideas, the point is to add your own unique spin.

Create A Promotional Strategy

This may seem like a “duh” step but you should have your discounts and offers planned out ahead of time, including a plan on when you will announce them. Have a backup plan of promotions prepared in advance. Be sure to have your emails created and the promo codes set in your platform and your email provider well before your campaigns begin. This will help relieve stress on your email marketing team and ensure accuracy.

Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

This falls somewhat under the show off your differences with adding your discounts, and coupons especially if you’ve never offered them before. You want to be able to create a FOMO with your customers, get them wanting to know more, or telling them that this is the hottest product out this season. Not everyone falls under the “Fear of Missing out” buyers but during the holiday season deals, especially during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it can potentially work with all types.

Multi-Method Email Hygiene
It’s imperative that you run your email data through Multi-Method Email Hygiene. Why? Because Multi-Method Email Hygiene goes above and beyond simple email verification and validation. (Read our recent intelligence report, Email Verification & Validation | What’s the Difference?) Multi-Method Email hygiene has the power to detect bounces like verification but also the intelligence to detect hidden email threats that verification simply cannot. What are those hidden threats? Nasty things like spam traps, honeypots, moles, bots, and much more (Read a recent intelligence report, The real value of Email Hygiene) If you want your email campaigns to be successful this holiday season, your first and most critical step should be Multi-Method Email Hygiene – it truly is the most important best practice for email marketers.

Be sure to follow these 6 steps for successful email campaigns before the biggest time of the year.

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