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The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer is using Hygiene Throughout the Year

Webbula Christmas Cheer

Before Webbula

Last Christmas was a brutal time for legendary gift-giver and magical jolly old elf Mr. Claus. His team of elves sent many different types of emails to his 4.5 billion email subscriber list – ranging from news about the workshop, Santa supporters, reindeer updates, Santa’s Schedule Updates – and much more. All without the help of an ESP or multi-method email hygiene. If you are an Email Marketer or an ESP reading this, you might be cringing in your seat right now. But poor old Santa was caught in the 1800’s! The results? The North Pole was hit with spam traps, bounces, screamers and other email threats which resulted in poor deliverability, a nasty sender score, and multiple blacklists. Like we said, a brutal time indeed.

His deliverability was at a 55%, and his open rate registered at an anemic 8%. Deliverability is a must for Santa, if parents and adults are not even receiving his emails how will he get in contact with the kids? That was another problem Santa faced, he was sending a lot of email to underage children, which is not Ho Ho at all – it’s a big ‘Ol No No.

How did this happen? Throughout the years Santa and his helpers traveled to many towns and malls around the world to hear from children. Little did Santa know that when he was collecting all of those email addresses throughout the past two hundred years, he’d run into a lot of problems down the road. People make typo mistakes, change addresses, pass away, change jobs, and grow up. Fast.


Webbula to the Rescue

Luckily, Santa got his act together, fired those email elves, sent them back to the toy factory and found himself an ESP to properly send out his campaigns. First, the ESP broke down the data to help Santa understand where the data was coming from and what he was working with. It’s very important to understand the sources of data in any email list. But especially one put together over 200 years.

Then along came Webbula. Santa’s search for a perfect Email Hygiene provider was resolved when he discovered us. Before they sent out their emails again Santa ran their email data through Webbula’s comprehensive cloudHygiene email data quality test that delivered an insightful Email Health Checkup report. It was a no brainer for him. The part that stood out to Santa was the fact that we were the only provider who truly offered Multi-Method Email Hygiene. Although he was aware that he now had a smaller list to work with, he knew that it would improve his delivery rates.

“Ho Ho Ho. I was so astonished when I received my results back from Webbula. I was worried at first about receiving a smaller list, but I couldn’t believe the number of problem accounts in my email data.  Spam traps, Malicious Moles, Seeded Tracker, Screamers and more. I never even heard of any of these before. When I compared this to the other verification provider results none of the problem accounts showed up, they were all marked valid. I knew for sure Webbula would help clean up my list for the new year, and Christmas is now saved for all the children, thanks to Webbula” – Santa Claus

The results were categorized into four groups – Reputation, Fraud, Delivery, and Conversion Threats so Santa could see what types of emails were in his very, very old list. Now that his list was new again, Santa and his ESP team processed their supporter list with a 78.2 percent open rate – only sending to a very small and targeted segment. Santa’s Email Marketing team started to remove the biggest threats to their data based on the information Webbula provided and then began slowly sending to only their most engaged members. “We wanted to make sure that we sent emails to those that will most likely open them, so we could improve our domain reputation, Ho Ho Ho”, Santa said recently.

Christmas is Saved!

After applying the results from Webbula’s cloudHygiene comprehensive multi-method email hygiene and verification process to the email data, Santa’s open rate went thru the chimney. Eventually, they were able to more than double their standard send size to include less engaged audiences. Their average open rates increased from a low of 8% to over 69%. As for his deliverability rate, before Webbula it was at 55% and has now reached highs of over 98%. Santa is once again off the blacklist and making better decisions (still eating milk and cookies though). And he promises to no longer send emails to children, now all of the emails he obtains are opted in by adults and not kids on his lap. Santa is also now fully GDPR compliant.

“Ho Ho Ho. Moving forward, and as we get closer to the my favorite holiday, we will continue to utilize Webbula to conduct quarterly checks to ensure that the emails that end up in our data are clean and unlikely to negatively impact the deliverability of our campaigns. We want to do everything we can to reach the children to keep the spirit of Christmas alive,” said Santa.

The results are a no-brainer, not only for Santa and his Email Marketing Department, but for other organizations as well, like the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and more. Did we mention that Webbula works with them also? In order to continue to maintain good list hygiene, increase your email list growth, deliverability, open, click and conversion rates to maximize your ROI (and save Christmas) you should rely on Webbula Multi-Method Email Hygiene.

It’s a Christmas Miracle!

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